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I enjoy drawing a lot, and here are some of my works!

hibiscus orchid pineapple pineapple2 pineapple3 creativity pineapple4

A week before my OSIP trip, I wanted to learn how to draw on my newly-bought digital drawing pad. I was doodling random things like cats and dogs and then my OSIP group chat started buzzing about how they haven’t gotten their buddies a gift yet. Knowing that I was going to Port Dickson, Malaysia for the trip and our persona is a pineapple farmer, I had that sudden spark, the brilliant idea that inspired me to draw a whole sticker pack for my group mates and our buddies as a gift for this trip.

Here are some other digital drawings I drew

tea lemon

other than digital drawings, I love doodling and filling up my bullet journal. It is a super therapeutic activity I do to organize my thoughts.

bujo lex journal in my bag Top